Sawmill Sawdust


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Hill’s Mill Sawmill Sawdust is a mix of Tennessee species of hard wood and soft wood.  Raw and untreated, organic sawdust has many uses in the garden and in the barn.  Some of the ways we (and our neighbors) use seasoned sawdust at Hill’s Mill Homestead is for cleaning spills like oil and solvents on concrete, fire starters, paint disposal, mulching, DIY wood filler, Garden Paths, ice and slippery surface fixer, composting toilets, cat litter, art medium, air freshner, storing dahlia tubers and root vegetables, and many more uses.  This is sold in 1 lb bags for easy handling.  This fine sawdust can also be used to bezel turquise and cabochon.  Sawdust is organic, untreated and green.

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