If you have visited our YouTube channel, Hill’s Mill Homestead, you will have heard the word ELECTROCULTURE in some of our videos. Mickey began his exploration of the various methods of Electroculture in his younger years, when he happened upon a book that he found in his grandmother’s bookshelf in the early 1970s. The title of the book was BEST IDEAS FOR ORGANIC VEGETABLE GROWING (Rodale Books, Inc. 1969)and it was written by the editors of ORGANIC GARDENING magazine.

Mickey has been practicing ELECTROCULTURE ever since the reading of what impressed him as an outstanding science project that worked out to grow his vegetables so impressively that he gained the title “greenerthumbs” by those who knew him and knew of his growing ability.

Mickey has always had impressive gardens and he was encouraged by other YouTubers, like Deep South Homestead, to share what knowledge he has with family, neighbors, and friends, as well as upcoming generations in an alternative organic way to harness the electro/magnetic currents available in nature to increase yields and productivity applicable in the agriculture/horticulture setting.

To describe ELECTROCULTURE in a general term would mean to cultivate fruit/vegetables/trees/apiculture, or any agriculture/horticulture product that can be harvested, using electric currents and magnetic currents from the aether and direct it to soil or growing medium to improve the health, and increase yields of said culture item.

The applications of the methods of Electroculture are endless possibilities, all waiting to be explored by science genius and layman alike. There are a plethora of methods of Electroculture such as using copper coil antennas placed in growing medium including raised garden beds, container gardens and potted plants; to taller antennas used to cover more territory such as orchards and larger growing areas. In addition, there are ways of connecting wire to harness energy after electrical storms and also ways to use magnet disks to utilize the electromagnetic energy. There are literally dozens of ways to practice ELECTROCULTURE, even using frequencies inside of seashells!!

ELECTROCULTURE IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT! Electroculture dates back to the days of the pyramids and was first written about in detail in the mid-1700s.

There are nay sayers out there that just don’t believe in Electroculture either because they have never heard of it or have never tried it in their own gardens or ag/hort settings. But Mickey just can’t give up what he has used for decades and has seen the success that using Electroculture has been in his gardens and growing medium over the years. Let’s just put it this way, you will never convince us otherwise and we will never have a garden, orchard, raised bed or container garden without some form of Electroculture near by.

Give it a try yourself, you have nothing to lose by adding a simple 12″ copper coil antenna in your own growing medium. We feel confident it will change your way of thinking about Electroculture.


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