HILLS MILL COOKIES (not what you think)

Recently, during a delivery of lumber and a visit to a customer, Deep South Homestead, in Mississippi, USA, Mickey discusses “cookies” which is a mill term for a cylinder portion of wood cut from a log or tree. Usually the circumference of the log that it was cut from, cookies are used for a variety of crafts from wedding chargers to serving trays to weaved basket bases to endless possibilities. In the interview (which can be seen on YouTube: click link here BETTER Than STORE BOUGHT?!!!! Lumber – YouTube , Mickey mentions another very good use of lumber “cookies” in identifying stolen logs.
It has become more and more prominent that thieves will unlawfully enter private property, identify a “money maker” tree and cut it down, without the land owner’s permission, remove the log and sell it to a lumber yard or mill. This is against the law and can bring a perpetrator hefty fines and/or jail time, ranging from a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the value of the tree or log, and monetary compensation to the original owner (landowner).
Think of the “cookie” in this situation as a ‘finger print”. No two tree’s bark curvatures, internal growth rings, and wood grains are exactly alike. So by cutting a “cookie” from the stump left at the original ground site, you can take the lumber’s “finger print” in the “cookie” along with you and perfectly match to a log which has been taken illegally. Here at Hills Mill, Mickey and staff do not take lumber thievery lightly and are willing to report any unlawful logging, as well as, work with any landowner in identifying stolen logs.
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