Wisdom in the WORD

Recently, Mickey and I became extremely aware of the Biblical principle in tything. In our most recent tythe, God opened the windows of Heaven and poured out a blessing that can not be contained in a great big huge basket. It’s not as much about the monetary value, as it has been about the wealth of friendship and camaraderie that has filled our cup to overflowing as we receive the kindest shouts of encouragement, support, and helping hands from those all across this great Nation of ours (and around the world). It overwhelms us with emotion when we stop to think of the reality of the magnitude of it all.

We have been working day and night filling Electroculture antenna orders, all the while continuing the day to day operations of the sawmill business and a full time job. We are grateful to all of our YouTube friends who have poured out their love on us in supporting our endeavor to introduce and educate homesteaders and gardeners on the wonderful benefits that can be achieved with the various methods of ELECTROCULTURE.


We want all of you to know, who are wondering about your order, it is currently taking about 4-7 days from the point where Mickey is manufacturing your antenna, each one by hand, with his maticulus attention to detail, to delivery to your mailbox via the United States Postal Service. We have been met with opposition with supply chains and e-commerce and website challenges but God willing we are pushing through. Thank you for your kind patience. WE ARE LITERALLY WORKING DAY AND NIGHT TO GET THE PRODUCT MICKEY IS SO PROUD OF TO YOU.

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