I HAVE MY ELECTROCULTURE 100% COPPER COIL ANTENNA, YAY! (Now what do I do with the thing!)

Anyone who watches Hill’s Mill Homestead channel on YouTube knows that Mickey is a firm believer in Electroculture and practices several methods of Electroculture in the terrace gardens, raised beds, container gardens, and orchards at the Mill.

Pepper plant
Pontiac Red potatoes

You may have recently purchased an Electroculture 100% Copper Coil Antenna from our website and it has now arrived and you think to yourself, now how do I get the best performance from my antenna?

At first glance you will look at the coil and immediately think…hmmm….I remember something being said about the antenna should stand clockwise in the soil if I am in the Northern Hemisphere, but boy, Mickey must have been working overtime when he handmade my coil because this thing looks like it is running counterclockwise! Well friend, I said the same thing when I saw what appeared that he was engineering them backwards but NO!!! Mickey doesn’t do anything half way or without careful thought and consideration. Each Electroculture 100% Copper Coil Antenna is handmade with the upmost attention to detail. (thus leaving me to grovel at my mistaken view of the antenna, LOL!) If you will hold the antenna up over your head, peering into the center of the spiral, you will see the clockwise precision of the coil. Also, if you look downward into the spiral of the coil, you again will see that, in point of fact, the coil is running clockwise.

So now that we have established, that indeed, your Electroculture Copper Coil Antenna is running clockwise, you will find that each antenna has a short and long end. The short end should be downward as you insert the coil into the soil 2-4″ deep. That’s all you have to do.

At initial installation, the antenna should be placed far enough from the plant that the foliage does not touch it. Once your plant starts growing the growth will touch the antenna and that is okay, just not when the copper is exposed to the sun creating a hot spot that can damage your leaves.

We recommend for optimum performance that you place the antenna short end down, on the SOUTH side of the plant. How do I establish North and South? If you have a smart phone, there are many directional compass apps that you can download to establish North. You can also remember the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Now that you have established North, place the antenna on the opposite side of the plant, which is the South side, placing the plant between magnetic North and the Electroculture 100% Copper Coil Antenna.

You are ready now to begin experiencing the antenna method, one of several methods of Electroculture, in your own growing medium, whether that be garden soil, patio containers, greenhouse, or indoor plants.


Mickey and Kathy -Hill’s Mill

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    1. Thank you for the great question, Lynn. Your metal trellis and cattle panels are also an Electroculture method within themselves by capturing electric current during Thunderstorms. AND the answer is YES, you can have your Electroculture Copper Coil Antennas near the metal trellis and cattle panels as they are a different method of Electroculture, in that they capture electromagnetic energy constant from the aether, not just during electrical/thunderstorms.

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