Hills Mill Homestead Channel

Welcome to Hill’s Mill Homestead channel. Hill’s Mill is a second generation, locally owned and family operated ‘wood workers” sawmill and homestead located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Mickey Hill, a veteran of the US Marine Corps, caters to high end master craftsman and wood artist (new enthusiast as well as seasoned professionals), with stock and special order quality wood products in a variety of native species. At Hill’s Mill, we pay close attention to detail in the grain and character of every log we saw, by studying unique structures of logs, reading every log to capture any unique qualities and character of each log, hewning edges to perfection and paying extreme attention to detail. We specialize in live edge slabs, heirloom quality lumber, turning blanks, table legs, mantles and custom designed and unique pieces. Mickey has more than 40 years experience in fine carpentry and has started this YouTube Channel to share his knowledge and expertise with our audience, hoping to keep alive a craft that is rarely seen in current times, so that future generations can learn from Mickey and keep the craft alive.
The Homestead portion of the channel will be dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience with our audience in the areas of electroculture gardening, permaculture gardening with organic practices, container and raised bed gardening, fruit orchard maintenance, and basic care of small livestock, mixed in with a whole lot of fun.

youtube channel url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCflt6vD6DoZqDNOtI-wYEAw
Hills Mill website url: https://hillsmill.com
facebook url: https://www.facebook.com/hillssawmill
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hills2mill/

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