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  1. Just curious as to pricing on the walnut slabs and ambrosia maple. I’m looking for several different sizes. One at least 36” wide and at least 7’ long. And also another around 24” wide and 5-6’ long.

  2. I live in Jackson, TN and am looking for some dry (ready to make table) maple or walnut lumber or other 8/4 wood that is straight and stable. Is there a price list I can work from? What is the best way to contact you to discuss availability?

    1. Thank you for the great question, Lynn. Your metal trellis and cattle panels are also an Electroculture method within themselves by capturing electric current during Thunderstorms. AND the answer is YES, you can have your Electroculture Copper Coil Antennas near the metal trellis and cattle panels as they are a different method of Electroculture, in that they capture electromagnetic energy constant from the aether, not just during electrical/thunderstorms.

  3. Thank you I got my antenna and my sawdust… came package good… Thank you will be ordering again
    QUESTION:: When will the trivets be back in to order? I would like to order a walnut trivets
    Thank you

    1. Hi Brenda! We are thrilled that you are happy with your purchase. Mickey will be checking our inventory to see if he can find some kiln dried walnut to make your special order trivet. We usually make the trivets with cedar but are out of kiln dried cedar until mid December 2023. We will email you in the next couple of days to let you know about that special order walnut, as the price will be slightly higher due to the species. Thank you for choosing Hill’s Mill. We are grateful.

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